Click to enlargeAMACO Lead-free F - Series

These glazes are all leadless, fritted compositions. They are semi-opaque and most fire with a high gloss. AMACO F-Series glazes are recommended for pottery dishes as well as all types of pottery made from our clays. In liquid form these glazes are ready to use. Brushing, dipping, pouring or spraying are suitable methods of application on greenware or bisque. Recommended bisque firing of cone 04 and glaze firing to cone 05.

Prices reflect a 20% discount from list price.


Click to enlargeF Series Class Pack (12) Pints
One pint each: F1, F10 Clear, F11, F22, F25, F30, F40, F50, F52, F58, F61, and F66.

FseriesClasspkRegular price: $210.00Sale price: $168.00
Click to enlargeTransparent F10 - Pint
F10Regular price: $15.00Sale price: $12.00
Warm Gray F15 - Pint
F-15Regular price: $17.00Sale price: $13.60
Light Blue F20 - Pint
F-20Regular price: $17.00Sale price: $13.60
Navy F21 - Pint
F-21Regular price: $17.00Sale price: $13.60
Royal Blue F22 - Pint
F-22Regular price: $17.00Sale price: $13.60
Vivid Blue F23 - Pint
F-23Regular price: $17.00Sale price: $13.60
Turquoise F25 - Pint
F-25Regular price: $17.00Sale price: $13.60
Aqua F26 - Pint

F-26Regular price: $17.00Sale price: $13.60
Nairobi Blue F27 - Pint

F-27Regular price: $17.00Sale price: $13.60
Chocolate F30 - Pint
F-30Regular price: $17.00Sale price: $13.60
Chrome Green F40 - Pint
F-40Regular price: $17.00Sale price: $13.60
Light Green F41 - Pint
F-41Regular price: $17.00Sale price: $13.60
Celadon F42 - Pint
F-42Regular price: $17.00Sale price: $13.60
Evergreen F43 - Pint
F-43Regular price: $17.00Sale price: $13.60
Rose F50 - Pint
F-50Regular price: $23.00Sale price: $18.40
Burgundy F52 - Pint
F-52Regular price: $23.00Sale price: $18.40
Sand F53 - Pint
F-53Regular price: $17.00Sale price: $13.60
Peach F54 - Pint
F-54Regular price: $17.00Sale price: $13.60
Pink F55 - Pint
F-55Regular price: $17.00Sale price: $13.60
Coral F57- Pint
F-57Regular price: $23.00Sale price: $18.40
Lemon Yellow F61 - Pint
F-61Regular price: $17.00Sale price: $13.60
Amber F65 - Pint
F-65Regular price: $17.00Sale price: $13.60
Orange F66 - Pint
F-66Regular price: $23.00Sale price: $18.40
Violet F70 - Pint
F-70Regular price: $23.00Sale price: $18.40
Amethyst F71 - Pint
F-71Regular price: $23.00Sale price: $18.40