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Cone 05 glazes that have the look of stoneware glazes fired in reduction. The glazes are most interesting when fired on a red earthenware, such as Longhorn Red. Results can be quite varied. All of them are AP non toxic. AMACO suggest that A-24 & A-40 be fired slow and add a 20 minute hold time at the the end of the firing.

Prices reflect a 20% discount from list price.

Click to enlargeAztec Turquoise A22 - Pint
Click to enlargeExotic Blue A24 - Pint
Click to enlargePeacock A28 - Pint
Click to enlargeIron Saturate A32 - Pint
Click to enlargeSandbar A34 - Pint
Click to enlargeSeafoam Green A40 - Pint
Click to enlargeCamel A62 - Pint
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