Click to enlargeAMACO Stone Texture

These have a smooth, stone-like surface. When applied over textured pieces they have a weathered or antique appearance. They move slightly during firing, so take care to taper down the glaze application near the bottom of the piece. Recommended firing temperature is Cone 05. Firing at 04 or 06 will produce slightly different effects. Experiment! All are decorative use only. Glazes marked with * are CL. These have been discontinued, please call to check stock before ordering.

Light Blue Pint * ST23 - Pint
st23Regular price: $14.50Sale price: $11.60
Blue Gray * ST25 - Pint
st25Regular price: $14.50Sale price: $11.60
Rust ST30 - Pint
st30Regular price: $14.50Sale price: $11.60
Straw ST33 - Pint
st33Regular price: $14.50Sale price: $11.60
Olive * ST42 - Pint
st42Regular price: $14.50Sale price: $11.60
Burnt Orange ST65 - Pint
st65Regular price: $14.50Sale price: $11.60