Firing Techniques and Kilns

Raku, Alternative Firings, Wood-fire, Electric Kiln, Kiln building and more.


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Raku: a Practical Approach

Author: S. Branfman, paperback, 161 pages.

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Author - J. Mathieson, Paperback 128 pages.

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Wood Firing: Journey
woodfiringjourneyRegular price: $28.95Sale price: $26.06
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Wood Fired Ceramics

Authors: L. Minogue & R Anderson, hardback, 160 pages. list price $47.95

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Electric Kiln Ceramics

Author: R. Zakin, paperback, 304 pages. 3rd edition

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Click to enlargeJapanese Wood Fired Ceramics
Author - M. Kusakabe & M. Lancet, Paperback 320 pages

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Kiln Book

Author: F. Olsen, hardback, 290 pages.

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Click to enlargeAlternative Kilns and Firing Techniques
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Raku, Pit, and Barrel
Edited by Anderson Turner

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Click to enlargeElectric Firing
Edited by Anderson Turner.

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Alternative Kilns