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Envirovent 2- Skutt
The envirovent 2 draws out firing odors and vents them outdoors before they enter the studio or classroom. It creates a downdraft effect which improves kiln temperature uniformity. The vent will fit any popular multisided electric kiln. The only modification required is the drilling of small holes in the kiln lid & floor. A hand drill is provided. It is compact and unobtrusive, no pulleys, no counterweights, no overhead installation. Can be programed to come on or off with a KM Skutt Kiln

Vent 2 kilns or a large oval w/one motor 115v,1.4 amp motor,140 CFM Weight 17 lb. Installation & operating instructions. Two year limited warranty. Motor is UL & CSA listed. Duct 3" dia., 8' long, flex-able
Twist Drill set

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Envirovent 2 / extension kit.A 8 foot extension of flexible ducting. 5 lbs.

Envirovent replacement motor kit (old model)This is a replacement motor kit for Envirovent (old style). Comes with instructions and has everything you will need except simple hand tools.