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Making tiles, Moldmaking, Image Transfer, Individual Artists and More.


Click to enlargeThe Essential Guide to Mold Making and Slip Casting
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Image Transfer on Clay
by Paul Andrew Wandless

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Click to enlargeMaking and Installing Handmade Tiles
Out of stock. Out of Print. We are currently looking for other ways to bring this book in.

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Setting up a Pottery Workshop
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Ceramics in the Envirovent
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Beginner's Guide to Mosaics

A. Hepburn, paperback 128 pages.

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Ceramic Windchimes

Author: J. Conrad, paperback, 78 pages.

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Mud to Music, From

By Barry Hall, hardback, 259 pages.

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Click to enlargeWarren MacKenzie: American Potter
2nd Edition. 202 Pages, color, hardback. Please note: this copy is not signed or in the limited edition box.

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Contempory Studio Porcelain

By Peter Lane, Harback, 256 pages.

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Large Scale Ceramics
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Studio Practices, Techniques, and Tips
Edited by Anderson Turner.

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Making Drums
By Dennis Waring. 96 pages, color, hardback.Not a clay book, but a good resource for finshing clay drums.

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