Click to enlargeTrimming, Carving,Sgraffito, and Loop Tools

Dolan Tools L SeriesDolan Tools L Series
Handmade of knife quality steel, for precise trimming. 1 1/4" tempered cutting edge.

8" Ribbon Tools (Click here for options)8" Ribbon Tools (Click here for options)
Used for medium duty clay cutting, shaping and slicing. The cutting ends are formed from high strength sharpened stainless steel, attached to hardwood handles.

6" Ribbon Tools6" Ribbon Tools
Provide a variety of shapes for light cutting and slicing. The ends are formed from clock spring steel and are firmly attached with brass ferrules.

RSSRegular price: $3.89Sale price: $2.92Style: 
6" Double Wire Tools6" Double Wire Tools
Made from high strength music wire, set in hardwood handles; great for precise work. Please note that D6 is available by special order only.

DSSRegular price: $4.39Sale price: $3.29Type: 
Click to enlargeMini Ribbon Tools (Click here for options)
Miniature sculpting tools are made of fine heat treated ribbon steel, for maximum strength. Set in 5" aluminum handles.

MRSRegular price: $3.19Sale price: $2.39Style: 
Dolan Tools S SeriesDolan Tools S Series
Same high quality construction as L Series, but smaller for more delicate pieces.

Click to enlargeSet of 5 (8R1 to 8R5) Ribbon Tools
8RSSRegular price: $22.49Sale price: $16.87
Click to enlargeRibbon Tools - Set of 5
RSS5Regular price: $17.89Sale price: $13.42
Click to enlarge6" Double Wire Tools - Set of 5
Includes D1, D2, D3, D7 and D10

DSS5Regular price: $20.79Sale price: $15.59
Click to enlarge5" Mini Ribbon Tools - Set of 6
MRS-6Regular price: $17.29Sale price: $12.97
Click to enlargeDolan Tools 400 Series
Mid sized professional trimming tools, very sharp.

Click to enlargeDolan Tools 445-470
Mid-sized professional, very sharp cutting tools. 480L & 480S are non-stock

Click to enlargeSgraffito and Detailing Set
The 7 pc set, each precise cutting edge made from a solid piece of high-grade stainless steel, set in a rubber grip.

sgraffitoanddetailingsetRegular price: $31.95Sale price: $28.76
Click to enlargeCarving Set XIEM
This double ended, detail set is made of high quality stainless steel with a precise cutting edge. Rubber handle for a comfortable grip.

carvingsetXIEMRegular price: $28.95Sale price: $26.06
Wire & Wood Tools (Click here for options)Wire & Wood Tools (Click here for options)
For delicate clay removal and shaping. Made with high strength music wire, brass ferrules and 4" hardwood handles.

Loop Tools (Click here for options)Loop Tools (Click here for options)
For trimming or sculpture, with hardwood handles and sharpened, heavy stainless steel ribbon.

Click to enlargeSpecial Ribbon Tools
Sharpened stainless steel, for medium duty work.

KSP1Regular price: $5.69Sale price: $4.27
Click to enlargeSpecial Ribbon Tools
KSP4Regular price: $5.69Sale price: $4.27
Click to enlargeHandle Maker Small - 4"
Draw loop through a slab of clay, for a clay handle that is ready to attach.

HM1Regular price: $3.09Sale price: $2.32
Click to enlargeHandle Maker Large -4"
HM2Regular price: $3.19Sale price: $2.39
Click to enlargeFleshing Tool - Loop - 1-3/8"
FT451Regular price: $5.29Sale price: $3.97
Click to enlargeFleshing Tool - Triangle 1-3/8"
FT452Regular price: $5.29Sale price: $3.97
Large Loop Tools - 12" LLarge Loop Tools - 12" L
210kempRegular price: $12.09Sale price: $9.07
Large Loop Tool - 8" LLarge Loop Tool - 8" L
206Regular price: $16.00Sale price: $14.40
Click to enlargeWire Loop Sgraffito Tool - 6"
Has a very thin wire loop on the end.

WS-6Regular price: $4.49Sale price: $3.37
Click to enlargeWire Loop Sgraffito - 6"
WLSRegular price: $3.89Sale price: $2.92
Click to enlargeSgraffito Tool
K27Regular price: $3.69Sale price: $2.77
Click to enlargeFeather Texture Brush
FTBRegular price: $3.29Sale price: $2.47
Click to enlargeDouble Ball Styllus
DBSRegular price: $3.29Sale price: $2.47
Click to enlargeXiem Double Ball Stylus
xiemdoubleballRegular price: $7.65Sale price: $6.89Sizes: 
Click to enlargeBall Stylus
BSLRegular price: $3.09Sale price: $2.32
Click to enlargeScratch Lift Duster
SLDRegular price: $6.29Sale price: $4.72
Click to enlargeWire & Wood Tool 6"
W1ARegular price: $6.39Sale price: $4.79
Click to enlargeWire & wood Tool 6"
W3ERegular price: $6.19Sale price: $4.64
Click to enlargeMudtools Fluting Tool
FlutingtoolRegular price: $20.00Sale price: $18.00
Dolan Tools 500 SeriesDolan Tools 500 Series
These are the shape of a basic trimming tool in any starter kit, but they are anything but basic.

Click to enlargeDolan Tools 300 Series
Dolan's heavy duty line, for absolutely HUGE sculpture or pottery. We stock 320,340 & 345 but will special order any other tools they make, upon request.

Click to enlargeDolan M Series
This miniature series is made from the same quality steel as their trimming tools. Exceptionally nice for sculpting and fine detail work. The carving loop is firmly set in the ferrule, making these very durable, even with extended use.