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18" high, gray tubular steel frame, with a 12 hardboard seat and plastic capped feet. Ship Wt. 12#.

stoolRegular price: $41.30Sale price: $37.10
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Bats - Plasti Bats - 12"

These are made of durable plastic with a positive adherence surface and holes drilled 10" apart. Manufacturer recommends you store bats on end.

MDF bat, 12" dia x 1/2"
This locally made bat is one of the nicest we've found; very rigid and nicely finished.

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Bat - Speedball 12"

Shipping weight 1 lb.

<hr>ST4 Stool
ST4 Stool

The seat is made from a firm but giving plastic. Adjust from 16" up to 24". Shipping weight 17 lbs.

ST4Regular price: $120.75Sale price: $108.68
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Same as the 12" plastibat, only bigger.

MDF bat, 15" dia x 1/2"
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Bat - Speedball - 14"

Shipping weight 1 lb.

<hr>Giffin Grip
Giffin Grip

Designed to re-center and hold ware for trimming, waxing, or banding. After an initial fitting, Giffin Grip snaps on/off your wheel. Includes wide slider set, cushioned arms, and rods 2-6" long. Click on "Giffin Grip" and replacement parts will pop up. Ship wt. 6 lb.

Click to enlargePlastibats - 16"
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22" Presswood bat

Needs to be sealed or this baby will swell up. Shipping weight 8 lbs.

presswoodbatRegular price: $20.95Sale price: $18.85
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Foam Bat - 14"

More than an inch of soft, cushy foam to protect carved or irregular rims during trimming. Yes, you can make your own, but then you'd have a hole in your couch.

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Grinding Disc - 80 Grit

12 dia. self adhesive on back to stick to one of your bats. An easy way to grind the bottoms of your pots. This works really well!

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Bat Pins - 1 pair

These fit Brent, Pacifica & Shimpo wheels: 3/8" head, 1/4" shaft, 2" long. Please note: We're unable to ship orders for bat pins only.

Plastibats - 9" Square
Same material as the plasti bats, but cute and square. Increases shelf storage space.

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Bat - Speedball 7" Square

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