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Ceramic supplies and Equipment

Clay, Glazes and Glaze Chemicals, Potter's Wheels, Kilns & more!

COVID-19 Update: To prioritize the health of our staff and our community, only one group of 3 or less is allowed in the store at a time. You must adhere to all CDC guidelines. You can set an appointment or take your chances with a drop in visit. Curbside pick up is available.

Regular Store Hours are
Mon- Thu 8:30 to 5:30
Fri -- Sat 9:30 to 4:00
We are closed on the 3rd
Saturday of each month
713 864-6442
1-800 290-8990
1002 West 11th St.
Houston TX 77008

Earthenware - Armadillo, Stoneware Cone 5 - Armadillo, Stoneware Cone 5 - Laguna and Aardvark, Stoneware Cone 10 - Armadillo, Stoneware Cone 10 - Laguna and Aardvark, Porcelain, Casting Slip, Specialty Clays and Mold Materials
  • Roma Plastelina
  • Porcelain Slip
  • Marblex
  • Sculptamold
  • Latex
  • Mold Straps
  • Rubber Band Straps
  • Rigidwrap
  • Plaster, Hydrocal, Hydrastone


Raw Materials
Alumina Hydrate | Barium Carbonate | Bone Ashpad | Borax | Burnt Umber | Chrome Oxide Greenpad | Cobalt Carbonate | Cobalt Oxide | Copper Carbonate pad | Copper Oxide | CMC | Dolomite |  Gum Solutionpad | Illmenite, Granular | Iron Chromate | Black Iron Oxidepad | Red Iron Oxide | Yellow Iron Oxide | Lithium Carbonatepad | Magnesium Carbonate | Manganese Carbonate | Manganese Dioxidepad | Nickel | Rutile | Silica | Soda Ash | Sodium Silicate | Strontium Carbonate | Talc | Tin Oxide | Titanium Dioxide | Volcanic Ash | Whiting | Wollastonite | Yellow Ochre | Zircopax | Zinc Oxide padCornwall Stone, Custer Feldspar, Gerstley Borate, Minspar, Neph Sy, and Spodumene: see Frits and Feldspars below
Dry Clay and Grog  
  • Albany Slip Sub
  • Alberta Slip
  • Barnard Slip
  • Bentonite
  • Edgar Plastic Kaolin (EPK)
  • Glomax Calcined Kaolin
  • Gold Art Fire Clay
  • Grolleg Kaolin
  • Hawthorne Bond Fire Clay
  • Mulcoa Grog
  • OM4 Ball Clay
  • Plastic Vitrox Clay (PVC)
  • Red Art
  • #6 Tile Clay Kaolin
Other Raw Materials
Mason Stains ® by Mason Color Workspad | Frits and Feldspars


Cress, Olympic, Skutt


Kiln Accessories
Blanket, Cones, Insulating Brick, Cement, Elements, Kiln, Element Pins, Envirovent, Firebrick, Furniture, Gloves, Insulating Blanket, Peephole Plugs, Posts, Prop, Replacement Parts, Safety Screen, Shelves, Sitter Gauge, Stilts, Thermocouples, Tile Racks, Vents, Vent A Kiln, Kiln Wash


Ceramic Glazes
Underglazes, Earthenware (lowfire) Glazes, High Fire Glazes


Hand Tools
Carving Sets, Dolan Tools, Fettling Knives, Needle Tools, Pottery Tool Kit, Rasps, Ribs, Rolling Pins, Sgraffito Tools, Sponges

Pottery Wheels

Brent, Pacifica, Skutt Thomas Stuart, Shimpo

Pottery Wheel Accessories


Brent Slab Rollers, Northstar Slab Rollers, Brent Clay Extruders, Northstar Clay Extruders

Ceramic Furniture

  • Clay Containers
  • Drying Cabinet
  • Damp Cabinets
  • Ware Carts

Miscellaneous Equipment

  • Mixers
  • Spray Guns
  • Canvas
  • Magnets
  • Banding Wheels
  • Rubber stoppers
  • Armatures and wire


Bamboo, Hake, Taklon, Brush Sets


How to, Historical and technical books.