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This glaze series is one of the most pleasing for decorative art pottery. Brushing, pouring, dipping or spraying are suitable methods of application. Fire between cone 06 - 02. These glazes should be applied on bisque. Slow firing is recommended. Tableware producers must test all finished ware to establish dinnerware status, due to possible variations in firing temperature and contamination.

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LM Series Classpack (6) Pints

One pint each of LM10, LM11, LM20, LM42, LM56, and LM60.
LMseriesClasspackRegular price: $119.00Sale price: $95.20
Satin Black LM1 - Pint

LM-1Regular price: $18.75Sale price: $15.00
Transparent Clear LM10 - Pint

LM-10Regular price: $18.75Sale price: $15.00
Opaque White LM11 - Pint

LM-11Regular price: $18.75Sale price: $15.00
Dove Gray LM15 - Pint

LM-15Regular price: $18.75Sale price: $15.00
Elephant Hide LM16 - Pint

LM-16Regular price: $18.75Sale price: $15.00
Blue Iris LM20 - Pint

LM-20Regular price: $18.75Sale price: $15.00
Robin's Egg Blue LM25

LM-25Regular price: $18.75Sale price: $15.00
Chartreuse LM41 - Pint

lm41Regular price: $18.75Sale price: $15.00
Dark Green LM46 - Pint

LM-46Regular price: $18.75Sale price: $15.00
Red LM56 - Pint

LM-56Regular price: $25.60Sale price: $20.48
Purple LM58 - Pint

LM-58Regular price: $18.75Sale price: $15.00
Daffodil Yellow LM60 - Pint

LM-60Regular price: $18.75Sale price: $15.00
Blue Green LM244 - Pint

LM-244Regular price: $18.75Sale price: $15.00