Click to enlargeAmaco Sahara High Fire, Cone 4-6

These glazes are compounded to match porcelain and stoneware bodies. These glazes work well and produce interesting effects when fired in reduction as well as oxidation ( reduction not recommended for HF - 26). We suggest experimentation using Opalescent glazes or High Fire Texturizer in combination with the High Fire Glazes. In liquid form, they are ready to use. HF-26 should be applied thicker than the other glazes in this series. When brushing, 3 coats is recommended. Also we found that these glazes work best at cone 6. All Sahara glazes are leadless.

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Zinc Free Clear - Pint

HF9Regular price: $19.00Sale price: $15.20
Clear - Pint

HF10Regular price: $19.00Sale price: $15.20
White - Pint

HF11Regular price: $19.00Sale price: $15.20
Turquoise - Pint

HF26Regular price: $19.00Sale price: $15.20
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Scarlet Red - Pint

hf-165Regular price: $34.00Sale price: $27.20
Clear Gallon

HF10GalRegular price: $80.00Sale price: $64.00
Zinc Free Clear - Gallon

HF9GalRegular price: $80.00Sale price: $64.00