Borax - Burnt Umber - Chrome Oxide Green

CAUTION: As a clay or glaze manufacturer, you assume the risks and understand the level of toxicity associated with using these materials. Safety Data Sheets are available for any material you've purchased from us. These materials have always been potentially harmful, so letís get serious about safe handling.

SHIPPING SURCHARGE: Recent fuel increases and driver shortages have more than doubled the inbound freight cost from California. We are hopeful that this will be temporary. Rather than adjust all prices to compensate, we will be adding .20/# to the price shown below: 1# = .20, 5# = $1, 10# = $2, 25# = $5, etc. You will see this as an additional charge on your final invoice, though it will not be calculated through the website. As soon as freight costs are lowered, the surcharge will be eliminated. When the material costs are equal to or less than the amount of the shipping and surcharge, you'll need to to confirm that you still want your order shipped.

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Burnt Umber special order only
call for pricing

Chrome Oxide Green 1/2 pound
Borax, Powder 1 pound

1 pound


5 pounds


5 pounds


10 pounds


10 pounds


25 pounds