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These are extremely rugged, heavy duty slabroller machines suitable for institutional and commercial use. Rollers move across the table, producing slabs from 1/8" to 1 1/2" thick. Adjustable in 1/8" increments, with the use of masonite boards. Some assembly required. Prices are FOB our store


Brent Slabroller - SR36 Slab size 36" x 60", wt. 706#
SR36Regular price: $3,380.00Sale price: $3,211.00
Brent Slabroller - SR20 - Slab size 20" x 53", wt. 487#
SR20Regular price: $2,765.00Sale price: $2,627.00
Brent Slabroller - SR14 w/legs - Slab size 14" x 36", wt. 256 lb
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Brent Slabroller - SRC with legs - slab size 21" x 40", wt. 207#
This is good for individual studio use, but schools need a heavier duty unit.

srcRegular price: $1,300.00Sale price: $1,235.00
Replacement Cable Set
SRC Replacement Cable Set