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AL8 - Caliper - 8"

Are used to transfer measurements from the model to the clay. The aluminum calipers can measure both inside and outside dimensions.

AL8Regular price: $7.79Sale price: $5.84
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Lid Master - 12"

Measure jar opening, it gives the lid flange measurement, at basic 1:1 ratio or shrinkage ratio of 12.5%, if you need to throw a new lid for a fired pot.

lidmasterRegular price: $14.95Sale price: $13.45
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Dipping Tongs - 10"

Used for dipping ware into a glaze. Made of heavy plated steel, with four sharp gripping points that make minimal contact with the piece.

DTARegular price: $12.49Sale price: $9.37
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AL10 - Caliper - 10"

AL10Regular price: $8.89Sale price: $6.67
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ArtBag Xiem

Tools not included...

artbagxiemRegular price: $32.96Sale price: $29.66
<hr>Stilt Stone
Stilt Stone

To remove stilt marks or rough spots on fired clay. 1/2" square x 4" L.

stiltstoneRegular price: $3.50Sale price: $3.18

Nail brush

Grooming essential!

Click to enlargeXiem Bag Ties Set of 2
bagtiesRegular price: $3.95Sale price: $3.56