Moist Clay & Student Kits

For best prices, combine the total weight of your clay order to determine the price per bag weight. Click on the links below to order and to view bulk clay prices.

UPS CUSTOMERS: Please note that depending on the location, UPS shipping per box of clay can vary from $45 - $50 per box. Please consider this when ordering clay. Clay Purchases may be limited, based on stock levels.

Earthenware Clays
Raku, Longhorn White, Longhorn Red
Stoneware Cone 5-6 Clays
Cinco Blanco, Cinco Rojo, Buffalo Wallow
Laguna and Aardvark
B-3, B-Mix-5, Dixon, Buff 52
Stoneware Cone 10 Clays
Armstone, Balcones, Balcones White, Balcones Dark, Dillo White, Grande
Laguna and Aardvark
B-Mix-10, Soldate 60
Porcelain Clays
Porcelain 5
Frost, Porcelain 10, Coleman, Nara
College & University Student Kits

Specialty Clays and Mold Materials

Bisque Tiles


College & University Student Kits
Earthenware Clays - Armadillo
Stoneware Cone 5 Clays - Armadillo
Stoneware Cone 5 Clays - Laguna and Aardvark
Stoneware Cone 10 Clays - Armadillo
Stoneware Cone 10 Clays - Laguna & Aardvark
Porcelain Clays
Casting Slips, Cone 06 to 10
Specialty Clays and Mold MaterialsModeling clay, plaster and plaster mold making accessories.

Bisque TilesBisque Tiles
Classroom Bundle