College & University Student Kits

These kits will include the required tools and clay, from your syllabus. Student discounts have been applied. If your kit has several clay options, just choose from the drop down menu. Your kit will be available for pick up in roughly 1 hour. If you've waited until the last minute and need it sooner, please call the store at 713-864-6442. We might be able to rush it.


Kingwood College Student Kit
50# Longhorn Red w/grog or White w/grog clay, Pottery Tool Kit, yellow mud rib, canvas, mop & CC3 brushes, shredder, super scorer, 8" turntable, and utility knife

KingwoodStudentKit$101.34Choose clay from drop down menu, below: 
HCC Stafford Student Kit
Contains: PTK, Spatula, Red Mud Rib #0, Scoring tool, Red Bevel tool, MR3 & MR5 Sgraffito tools, CC1 & BFC1 brush. Pint jar with lid.

Lee College Student Kit
Contains: 50# Balcones White Clay, Pottery Tool Kit, Fettling Knife, Mini Ribbon Tool Set

Glassell Student Kit2 Sharon D
Contains: 50 lb Clay, PTK, F97, small sponge

glssdenlag$60.80Choose from the drop down menu below:: 
Glassell Student Kit1 Sharon D
50 lb Clay, PTK, F97, small sponge

glsskitdilloSD$51.80Choose clay from menu below: 
LSC Cy-Fair Ceramics
Contains:50# B-Mix5 Clay, Pottery Tool Kit, F97, Shredder, Scorer, S10, D2, FRSS, W23, TK-D, BFC1 & CC1 brushes

Glassell Student Kit Jeff F
Contains: 50lbs of Clay, PTK, F97, Mud Shredder, Scorer. An extra 50lbs can be ordered for $19, though total won't show it.

glsskitJF$63.15Choose clay from menu below: