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Cress Series "E" Kilns

Provides 5 preset easy-to-use firing speeds, or program your own. Cress electronic control also includes a short soak at the end of each firing cycle to ensure greater temperature uniformity with uneven loads. All E series kilns now have 3-zone capable controls, but are initially connected up for one zone. Multizone temperature controls may be ordered at no additional cost at the time order is placed. The optional Cress Clean Air venting systems attaches to the bottom of the control box, draws fumes horizontally inside then down and out between the control panel, automatically comes on when the kiln starts, and turns off when the kiln stops. After slow cooling to 1000 degrees F. the fan restarts to cool faster and again turns off at 140 F.

All 10 & 12 sided kilns come standard with an easy to open "Lid Assist". Steel bottom safety plate. Lifting handles. Three year warranty.

All kilns come standard single phase but may be wired for 3 phase for $90.00 more.

The picture above shows a sectional model which can be had for $50.00 more. EST models are already sectional, to make them easier to get through a standard doorway.

IMPORTANT NOTE TO SCHOOLS AND INSTITUTIONS - Many of you have 208 volt wiring, be very sure of your voltage when ordering a kiln. Price is not effected. Please consult local code, for breaker size needed.

For information on Houston area Cress kiln repair, give us a call: 713-864-6442.

Cress E23 - Cone 10 Kiln

Inside Dimensions: 17.5" diam. x 18" Weight: 150 lbs Volts: 240/208 Amps: 36

E23Regular price: $2,174.00Sale price: $1,890.00

Cress E23 Kiln touchscreen

Inside Dimensions 17.5" diam. x 18" Weight 150 lb. Volts: 240/208 Amps 36

E23touchRegular price: $2,369.00Sale price: $2,061.00

Kiln Furniture - 17.5" Diameter Kilns, Std. Kit

3 full & 2 half 5/8" shelves, post assortment, 60#.


Kiln Furniture - 17.5" Diameter Kilns, Jr Kit

2 full & 1 half 5/8" shelves, post assortment.


Cress E2418 Kiln C-10 Touch

Inside Dimensions: 23 3/8" diam. x 18"
Weight: 210 lbs
Volts: 220 | Amps: 36

E2418Regular price: $2,972.00Sale price: $2,585.00

Cress E27 Cone 10 Kiln

Inside Dimensions: 23 3/8" diam. x 27"
Weight: 245 lbs
Volts: 220 | Amps: 44

E27Regular price: $3,455.00Sale price: $3,005.00

Kiln Furniture 23-3/8" Diameter kilns

8 half 5/8" shelves, post 8 each 1" - 6", 2# kiln wash. 100#


Kiln Furniture 23-3/8" diameter kilns, Jr kit

4 half 5/8" shelves & post assortment. 50#


Cress EST28 - Cone 10 Kiln

Inside Dimensions: 28" diam. x 27"
Weight: 400 lbs
Volts: 240 | Amps: 48

EST28Regular price: $4,137.00Sale price: $3,599.00

Cress EST2831 - Cone 10 Kiln

Inside Dimensions: 28" diam. x 31" Weight:460 lbs. Volts: 240| Amps: Call

EST2831Regular price: $4,999.00Sale price: $4,350.00

Kiln Furniture 28" Diameter Kilns, Standard Kit

8 Half 3/8" Shelves, Post 8 each 1"-6", 2# Kiln Wash 200#


Peephole Plugs


Cress Kiln Element - B911

Price is for a single element.


Cress Kiln Element - B27, E27

Price is for a single element.


Cress Kiln Element - B23, E23

Price is for a single element.


Cress Kiln Element, ET28

Price is for a single element.