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Large Adjustable Clay Slicer

Cheese slicer on steroids. Adjustable, with a heavy duty stainless steel cutting wire; evenly slices up to 7" wide & 1/8 - 4 1/2 thick.
APCClaySlicerRegular price: $19.50Sale price: $15.60

K35 Clay Cutter - Wire

Used for slicing and cutting lump clay or pots from the head of a, eh, eh, I mean a potter's wheel.
K35Regular price: $4.59Sale price: $3.67
Cutting Wire, Heavy Duty 26"

Big chunky handles and heavier wire. These are easier to grip and harder to lose!
cwireheavydutyRegular price: $3.50Sale price: $3.33
Multi-Slab Cutter

24 cutting wires, 3/8" slab thickness. Cut a block of clay into 25 even slabs in just a few seconds.
Multi-Slab Cutter MSlabcutRegular price: $46.00Sale price: $43.70
Adjustable Length Cut Off Wire

Cut wire to desired length and insert in easy grip handles.
XiemTCCRegular price: $12.95Sale price: $11.66
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Replacement Wire

Replacement wire for the large adjustable clay slicer. Pull the guide bar away from the wire end, squeeze the wire ends together, and pop the new one on! Easy like pie.
repwireRegular price: $5.20Sale price: $4.16

K36 Clay Cutter, Nylon

No-kink nylon makes this better for younger kids, but has a bit more drag.
K36Regular price: $4.59Sale price: $3.67
Xiem bevel Tool

beveltoolRegular price: $9.95Sale price: $8.95
Clay Blade 5.5"

A flat, stiff, ruler-blade with wooden handle used to smooth & cut clay.
claybladeRegular price: $5.40Sale price: $4.85
Dirty Girls Wiggle Wire 9" regular

wiggle9regRegular price: $8.75Sale price: $8.30
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Cheese Slicer

Has a spare wire. Cut clay slabs up to 3-3/4" W, 1/2" thick. Chrome metal.
5047Regular price: $8.20Sale price: $7.38
Wavy slicer

Funky, wavy slicer. Give your slabs or thrown cylinders a fluted edge.
wavyslicerRegular price: $5.40Sale price: $4.85
2" Bevel

bevelredRegular price: $7.00Sale price: $6.30
Dirty Girls Ergo Max 13"

ergomax13Regular price: $7.95Sale price: $7.55
Dirty Girls Ergo Baby Wiggle

14babywiggleRegular price: $8.75Sale price: $8.30
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Dirty Girls Ergo Thin 7"

ergothin7Regular price: $7.95Sale price: $7.55
4" Bevel

bevelblueRegular price: $11.00Sale price: $10.45