<font color="# 0000FF"><br>Kiln firing during COVID-19 pandemic<br>

1. Please purchase 1 half shelf of firing. Adjustment for additional space will be made after kiln is loaded.

2. A full shelf is 26" round, a half shelf is 26"x13" if your piece is taller than 8" it will require an additional shelf space.

3. All pieces to be fired must be in a plastic box with a lid or a cardboard box that can be closed and that is sturdy enough to protect your work.

4. Write your name on the outside of the box.

5. Pieces can only be dropped off on Monday. Pieces will be available for pick up on Friday

6. DROP OFF: There will be a table outside the front door marked as kiln firing drop off point. Place your box on the table. If you do not already have the firing form, there will be some on the table.Then call us and let us know that your box is there and we will bring it in.

7.PICK UP: We will have the table loaded with your boxes, by 10:00, in most cases. Your receipt will be in the box.

Kiln Firing halfshelf$8.00

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Firing Form