Glazing and Surface Design


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Ash Glazes

By Phil Rogers, Hardback, 176 pages

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Click to enlargePottery Decoration (contemporary approaches)
Author - John Gibson, HB, 160 pages

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Ceramic Glaze Handbook

Author: M. Burleson, paperback, 144 pages.

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Click to enlargeComplete Guide to High-Fire Glazes
J.Britt, PB, 184 pages

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Click to enlargeMaking Marks
By Robin Hopper. 304 pages, color, softcover.

Click to enlargeChina Paint and Overglaze
By Paul Lewing. 238 pages, color, hardback.

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Click to enlargeCeramic Surface, The
M.Ostermann, Hardcover

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Click to enlargeCeramics and Print
P.Scott, paperback

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Click to enlargeGlazes & Glazing: Finishing Techniques
144 pages, PB

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