Welcome to the Ceramic Store of Houston., A Discount Specialty Store carrying Ceramic supplies and Equipment.

5247 Langfield Rd.
Houston TX 77040
outside the Houston area 800.290.8990

Clay, Glazes and Glaze Chemicals, Potter's Wheels, Kilns & more! We carry a complete line of clays, glazes, chemicals kilns and potters wheels and ceramic equipment listed below.

We offer Houston area kiln repair service for Skutt, Cress and Olympic. For other models, please call for a referral.

Store hours are: Monday Thursday 9:00 to 5:30 and Friday 9:00am - 4:00pm -- Saturday 10:00 to 2:00,

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Ceramic Store of Houston

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Will Call Orders

Orders may be placed online or via email to be picked up in-store. These must be placed 24 hours in advance of pick-up and can be picked up after 1 pm on the following business day.

Sales Tax

Orders picked up at our store or shipped within Texas are subject to a 8.25% sales tax, unless accompanied by a Resale or Exempt Certificate, an active registration number or be a State or Federal Organization containing an active registration number.

You may download a pdf version of forms here to complete and return to us by email, fax or in person.

  • Texas Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certification
  • Texas Resale Certificate

  • Prices
    We make every effort to keep our prices updated, but through human error some increases are missed. If an item is mistakenly priced at or near cost we will email for your approval to confirm the correct price.

    We ship via UPS or common carrier (freight). Our minimum order for UPS is $20. WE DO NOT SHIP COD. Orders sent by common carrier will be sent prepaid for schools and institutions. Individual orders sent by common carrier will be sent freight collect. If a pallet is needed to ship your order there will be a $6.00 pallet charge for each pallet needed.

    Please note: UPS will not ship to P.O. Boxes.

    Raw materials are relatively inexpensive, but are heavy. In some cases shipping may cost more than the product ordered. Please check shipping costs to your area before ordering UPS - United Parcel Service

    Example: As of 03/10/10, 5 pounds of Custer Feldspar ($2.75) shipped to Seattle, Washington will cost:
  • $11.48 UPS Ground

  • Kiln Shelf / Post Orders
    Loose kiln shelf or post orders sent by UPS or Common Carrier will be charged a minimum $10.00 or 10% for the packing and handling that it takes to get the order to you in one piece. Kiln furniture kits gets packaged by the Kiln manufacturer and will not be charged this fee.

    Damage or Missing
    UPS; if you receive a package with damaged goods notify UPS and follow their instructions. If a package is missing notify us so that we can put a tracer on it. Common Carrier, count all packages and make sure it is the same as the number on the freight bill. If something is dented or looks damaged, or a package is missing, it must be noted on the freight bill. Then call the carrier for instructions on filing a claim or a tracer. Most important - report damaged or missing packages right away, you have a limited amount of time to file a claim. Usually less than two weeks. If you have not received everything you ordered and packages have arrived intact, YOU MUST NOTIFY US WITHIN 3 DAYS for us to consider responsibility for the missing items.

    Minimum Order
    All orders under $20.00 will be charged $5.00 handling fee