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We carry Skutt, Cress and Olympic Kilns. As a Ceramic Artist, having your own kiln gives you both freedom and independence. You can fire at will, with a program that's right for your work, and without having to transport vulnerable greenware or glazed pieces. It's an investment in your future!

But, there's a lot to consider. How big does your kiln need to be? Where's the best location? Do you have enough power? At least your choice of manufacturer doesn't need to be confusing. We've narrowed down the options to those we've seen perform reliably, in studio and classroom settings.

Your choice of supplier is just as important as the choice of kiln brand. We'll help you navigate the decision making process, we'll check out and repair any freight damage when the kiln arrives at the store. Our basic kiln training class is free to all of our new kiln owners. You can also count on us for any warranty work and firing troubleshooting, when your kiln is purchased through the store.

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Skutt Kilns

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Raku Firing & Kiln Building Supplies

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Olympic Kilns

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