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Gorgeous crystal glazes in a non-toxic formula! Great for schools, institutions or anyone concerned with safety issues. Apply to a 04 bisque using a soft fan brush. Fires to a shelf cone 06. Luster compatible. Can be fired to a cone 6 and higher.

Peacock Eyes - 4oz
Peacock Eyes - 4oz

S2701Regular price: $6.65Sale price: $5.31
Northern Lights - 4 oz.

S2702Regular price: $6.65Sale price: $5.31
Oriental Carmel - 4oz.

S2708Regular price: $6.65Sale price: $5.31
Cappuccino Mint - 4 oz.

S2709Regular price: $6.65Sale price: $5.31
Tahiti Grape - 4oz.

S2711Regular price: $6.65Sale price: $5.31
Monsoon Seas - 4 oz.

S2712Regular price: $6.65Sale price: $5.31
Herb Garden - 4oz.

S2714Regular price: $6.65Sale price: $5.31
Spotted Kiwi - 4oz.

S2715Regular price: $6.65Sale price: $5.31
Cheetah 4oz.

S2726Regular price: $6.65Sale price: $5.31
Citrus Splash 4oz.

S2729Regular price: $6.65Sale price: $5.31
S2723 Grape Devine 4oz

S2723Regular price: $6.65Sale price: $5.31
S2731 Kaboom 4oz

S2731Regular price: $6.65Sale price: $5.31
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Contains one 4oz jar each of S-2701, S-2702, S-2704, S-2708, S-2709, S-2711, S-2712, S-2714, S-2715, S-2724, S-2727 & S-2729
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