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Designer Silk Screens can be used on a variety of surfaces: greenware, clay, earthenware bisque, stoneware bisque or glass. 
They can also be used on non-ceramic or glass surfaces, such as fabric, wood, paper, etc.

The screen size is 12 1/2" H x 18" long, with the actual printed area measuring 11 1/2" H x 15" long. 
 The designs are approximately 3" to 4" at their widest/longest dimension. 
We bring in a couple new screens with each order so please check with us to see what else we have.

You will need silkscreen medium.

Mayco Designer Silk Screens DSScreens

Click to enlargeBirds Silk screen
DSS108Regular price: $20.00Sale price: $17.00
Click to enlargeBugs Silk Screen
DSS013Regular price: $20.00Sale price: $17.00
Click to enlargeFlower Silk Screen
DSS112Regular price: $20.00Sale price: $17.00
Click to enlargeStylized Silk Screen
DSS016Regular price: $20.00Sale price: $17.00
Click to enlargeStylized 2 Silk Screen
DSS129Regular price: $20.00Sale price: $17.00
Click to enlargeSymbols Silk Screen
DSS123Regular price: $20.00Sale price: $17.00
Click to enlargeTrees & Grass Silk Screen
DSS110Regular price: $20.00Sale price: $17.00
Click to enlargeVintage Silk Screen
DSS017Regular price: $20.00Sale price: $17.00
Click to enlargeSilkScreen Medium 4oz Jar
Used to thicken your glaze so it can pass through the silkscreen.

AC310Regular price: $3.25Sale price: $2.76