Mayco Jungle Gem Crystal Glazes

Consist of a base glaze with granules of contrasting glazes. During firing crystals spread out to produce a burst of color. Apply to 04 bisque, fire to 06 and if more flow is desired, fire to 05. Not to be used on inside of food containers. Can be high fired. Shake jar and apply with a glaze fan brush, 3 coats. Prices reflect 15% discount off list price.

These were recently reformulated to be non toxic.

Peacock Green - 4oz.
CG713Regular price: $6.25Sale price: $5.31
Pagoda Green - 4oz.
CG716Regular price: $6.25Sale price: $5.31
Blue Caprice - 4oz.
CG718Regular price: $6.25Sale price: $5.31
Seawind - 4oz.
CG722Regular price: $6.25Sale price: $5.31
Sassy Orange - 4oz.
CG753Regular price: $6.25Sale price: $5.31
Fire Cracker - 4oz.
CG756Regular price: $6.25Sale price: $5.31
Royal Fantasy - 4oz.
CG785Regular price: $6.25Sale price: $5.31
Black Iris - 4oz.
CG798Regular price: $6.25Sale price: $5.31
Blue Azure - 4oz.
CG962Regular price: $6.25Sale price: $5.31
Dragon's Breath - 4oz.
CG972Regular price: $6.25Sale price: $5.31
Obsidian- 4oz
CG786Regular price: $6.25Sale price: $5.31
Lemon Lime- 4oz
CG963Regular price: $6.25Sale price: $5.31
Mocha Marble- 4oz
CG965Regular price: $6.25Sale price: $5.31
Tiger Lily -4oz
CG966Regular price: $6.25Sale price: $5.31
Masquerade - 4oz
CG970Regular price: $6.25Sale price: $5.31
Click to enlargeCrystal Glazes Kit#2 (12) 4oz
Contains one 4oz jar each of CG713, CG717, CG718, CG753, CG756, CG780, CG798, CG962, CG964, CG965, CG970 & CG973

CGkit2Regular price: $68.00Sale price: $54.40