Metallics & Lusters

Hobby Colorobbia - Mother of Pearl .7 oz

Gives you a delicate rainbow effect due to the varied range of colors that combine to bring out nature's shell like finish. Cone 020 - 019.

Kemper Liquid Bright Gold - 2 gr.

A rich bright lasting gold of the finest quality. If glaze is 06/05, fire gold or platinum to cone 018-019. For glaze cone 3 or up, fire to cone 017-014. Pricing fluctuates.

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Gold Rush Luster Pen

The pressure sensitive pen is the easiest way to draw or write with gold. t feels like a felt tip. Fire to cone 018-019

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Kemper GPL Gold Pen

Used for making consistent width lines writing/drawing with the Gold and Palladium lusters. Fill the well with luster and you can write on almost flat surface.

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