Nickel Oxide | Rutile

CAUTION Some of these materials are toxic in their dry unfired or fired state. You should always use a dust mask when working with these materials. We have an inexpensive, Toxic Dust Mask available. Also, Material Safety Data Sheets are available, for any material you've purchased from us. These materials have always been potentially harmful, so letís get serious about safe handling.

SHIPPING: Raw materials are relatively inexpensive, but are heavy. In some cases shipping may cost more than the product ordered. When the cost of the material ordered is equal to or less than the amount of the shipping, there may be a delay, to confirm that you still want your order shipped.

Orders may be placed online or via email to be picked up in-store. These must be placed 24 hours in advance of pick-up and can be picked up after 1 pm on the following business day. Please see our shipping policy on our store info page.


Rutile - 1 pound
5 pounds
10 pounds
25 pounds
Nickel Oxide - 1/2 pound
Nickel Oxide - 1 pound