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The stainless model features a 4" square barrel tapered at the top for easy loading, all welded steel construction. The barrel holds 5 to 8 pounds of clay comes complete with wall mounting hardware, basic dies, blank die, and a clay cutter. Dies are made of a plastic material 1/2" thick and will not discolor porcelain clays. Prices are FOB our store. 5 Yr. Warranty.


Stainless, Extruder 25#
Comes with 8 coil, 2 oval, 1 hex., 1 sq. and 1 blank dies.

stainless-extruderRegular price: $515.00Sale price: $438.00
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Accessary Die Kit
Includes 2 hex. tubes, 2 rd. tubes, 2 sq. tubes, 2 ribbon, 4 coil dies.

hollow-dieRegular price: $124.00Sale price: $106.00
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tilediekitRegular price: $143.00Sale price: $122.00
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Big Blue Extruder
Ok, yaw asked for it ! This big bad beautiful baby holds 25# of clay, yields extrusions up to 5”. Barrel, comes with 3 dies and a wagon wheel to do most of the work. Arrives in two ctn. 40 and 10 lb. Come on in and take a look “if you dare” we got it on display in a steel cage so it can’t getch ya.

bigblueRegular price: $1,246.00Sale price: $1,059.00