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Olympic KilnsThe kilns we have listed are just a few of ones Olympic makes. These represent the ones most people want from us. The Doll Kiln has a one year warranty, will reach cone 10 on a 120 volts, price includes sitter & timer. The 129FL has a 3-key controller and a two year warranty. You may order this with a side mounting door. This a very nice, inexpensive kiln that can be used for enameling or jewelry burnout. Prices F.O.B. our location.

For information on Houston area Olympic kiln repair, give us a call: 713-864-6442.

Doll Kiln
Inside Dimensions: 11"L x 7"W x 9"D
Volts: 120 | Breaker 20. Weight 55 lb.
Cone 10.......Excellent Test Kiln

3-Key controller

DollkilnRegular price: $1,025.00Sale price: $923.00
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129FL w/ 3 key controller Cone 6 Kiln
Inside Dimensions: 11"W x 9"D x 6-1/2"
Volts: 120 | Breaker: 20. Weight 75lb.
Cone 6

129FLERegular price: $1,255.00Sale price: $1,130.00
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Olympic Glass Kiln HB86E (great for precious metal clays)
This electronic controlled kiln is 6" deep and 8" square. Besides doing glass this a very good kiln for precious metal clay

It is shown with optional blank collar which adds 4 1/2" in height and the optional punty door. The added collar will also will lower the maxium temp to 2000F. The lid of this kiln is not hinged, you manually put the lid on or off.

HB86ERegular price: $850.00Sale price: $790.00

Blank Collar HB86
adds 4 1/2" in height to the HB86 kiln, but reduces temperature to 2000F (from 2350F) Call for Pricing


Punty Door(for the HB86 kiln)
Call for pricing