<hr>Orton Cones and Cone Accessories

Standard Orton Cones

Box of 50, 2.5" long cones for use in a cone pack or in standard cone holders. Arrange in kiln so that the cone bend is visible through a peephole during firing.

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Self Supporting Cones

Even with a digital kiln, witness cones should be used in every firing. SSBs make it easy. They stand on the shelf at the correct angle, without additional support. 25 to a box

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Junior Orton Cones - 1 Box

Box of 50, jr. cones designed for use with the Kiln Sitter. When a Kiln Sitter is correctly adjusted, the fired cone should be bent at a 90 degree angle (if not, an adjustment is needed)

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Standard Orton Cones - 5 boxes
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Self Supporting Cones SSB, 5 boxes
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Junior Orton Cones - 5 Boxes
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Standard Orton Cones - 10 Boxes
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Self Supporting Cones, 10 boxes
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Junior Orton Cones - 10 Boxes
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Wire Holders - Standard

Reusable, each holds one cone.

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Cone Supports (Replacements)

Replace when they become glazed over or lost.

<hr>Kiln Sitter Gauge
Kiln Sitter Gauge

Used to calibrate your kiln sitter.


Wire Holder Junior

wireholderjrRegular price: $4.75Sale price: $3.56