Buying your first Pottery Wheel is a big step, when building your Dream Studio. The independence you'll gain by working solo can be a real game changer, creatively. Finding your right one entails looking at your needs now and where you hope to be down the road. Honestly, there's not really a "beginners" wheel. A Pottery Wheel is an investment that you'll usually have for 20 or more years, but when you average the cost over the time you'll own it, even the top model works out to be pretty reasonable.

You'll want your wheel to perform every time you get in the studio. Down days aren't an option, especially when you're coming up on a show or sale! We stock only the ones that we're confident are up to the task and that carry a warranty worth having. The brands shown below are the most trouble-free on the market.

Like buying a car, the best way to find the perfect fit is to visit our show room. We're so dedicated to buying local that you may even find them a little less expensive there.

Brent Pottery Wheels
Skutt - Thomas Stuart
Shimpo Pottery Wheels
Wheel Accessories