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5 Year Warranty on all Shimpo Wheels and Pugmills!


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Shimpo VL-Lite

“Lite” enough to carry (at 55 lbs.) yet sturdy enough to throw on. Featuring a remote pedal, two-piece splashpan, 100-watt reversible motor, and 25 lb centering capacity. It's belt drive has an automatic belt-tensioning system. The shipping weight is 84 lbs.

V-Lites can ship via ups. If you need an exact cost email us at, with your physical address.
Shimpo-VLliteRegular price: $917.00Sale price: $803.00

Shimpo VL-Whisper

Mechanically the same as the RK except it has a 14" wheelhead, adjustable legs, tabletop feature. Shipping weight 135 lbs, two piece splash guard and 5 year warranty.

Shipping on this ranges approx. $60. to $75 in the lower 48. If you need an exact shipping cost, email us at We will need a physical address.
vlwhisperRegular price: $1,648.00Sale price: $1,359.00
Shimpo RK Whisper 1/2 HP potters wheel

A brushless DC 1/2 HP motor, capable of centering 100 lbs of clay. 12’ wheelhead made of cast aluminum, 0 to 250 RPM, reversible. Shipping weight 93 lbs. A 2 piece splash pan is included, 5 year warranty. .

Splashpan , RK Whisper - two piece w/clips

Prices FOB Illinois

Splashpan 1148 - one piece 17-1/2" dia. w/plugs

Prices FOB Illinois,(This splahpan is not for the whisper models)

Splashpan, VL Whisper, two piece

Price FOB Illinois.