Click to enlargeSpectrum Ash Glazes Cone 4-6, 1400 series

Ash glazes have always been one of the leaders in cool Stoneware glaze effects. This is a gem of a series. Used alone, they'll replicate the look of reduction fired ash glazes, but overlapping Spectrum's 1100 series, you'll discover how easy it is to activate the surface of non-textured vertical surfaces. They get their effects by running, so test for the amount of glaze run and protect shelves with kiln wash. They're worth it!

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1421 Pear Ash Pint

sp1421Regular price: $12.00Sale price: $10.20
1424 Cactus Ash Pint

sp1424Regular price: $11.00Sale price: $9.35
1425 Kiwi Ash

kiwiash1425Regular price: $11.00Sale price: $9.35