Specialty Clays and Mold Materials

Prima Plastilina, 551A
All natural grade modeling material, suitable for Rodeo contest pieces. Medium consistency. Light Tan (non sulfur) - 2lb. 10% discount, when ordering 3+.

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Sculptamold - 3 pounds

This white, nontoxic modelling compound is quickly prepared by adding water. Composed of plaster and paper mache, it clings to most surfaces, does not shrink, and sets in a 1/2 hour. Lightweight and durable, but can be carved, sanded or sawed.

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<hr>#1 Plaster  |  Hydrocal  |  Hydrastone
#1 Plaster | Hydrocal | Hydrastone

#1 Pottery Plaster is the standard for making molds, sculptures or bats. Hydrocal White & Hydrastone are good for sculpture, Hydrastone is suitable for outdoors.

Always mix plaster into water. Sets in 20-30 min. Use the plaster mixing ratio, below.

100 lbs #1 plaster: 70 lbs. water
100 lbs Hydracal White: 45 lbs. water
100 lbs Hydrastone: 32 lbs. water

<hr>Laguna Porcelain Slip - Cone 5/6 - 1 gallon
Laguna Porcelain Slip - Cone 5/6 - 1 gallon

Very White. 1 gallon plastic jar, 15 lb. Though the picture looks gray, the tile is white.

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Rigidwrap, 1/2#

Is a plaster coated cloth. Cut material to length, wet, and it will conform to any shape or armature form. 4 wide x 180 (15 feet)long. Instructions included.

<hr>Marblex & Mexican Pottery Clay
Marblex & Mexican Pottery Clay

A self hardening clay compound that is non toxic, durable and hard after it is dry, but not waterproof. Marblex is gray in color, and Mexican Pottery clay is terra-cotta.

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Rubber Latex - Pint

Used to make flexible molds and will withstand approx. 250 castings. This thick white liquid is applied over models, multiple layers are necessary.

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<hr>Mold Straps
Mold Straps

Made of heavy duty polyester webbing, metal buckle, easy assembly, quick release. 1" wide. Available in 5 color coded lengths.

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Rubber Band Straps, 1# Assorted 4"-9"

One pound assortment of 4"-9" lengths


Kiln Prop - 12" x 6" x 1"

Used to support porcelain doll parts to prevent flat spots.