Click to enlargeSpectrum Semi-Transparent Glazes 800 Series

These glazes usually require 3 coats, apply each coat at a different direction to achieve good solid converage. Apply to bisque fired ware and fire to cone 05 - 06. We recommend that you fire all leadless glazes to cone 05. Although all are available in 4 oz., pints and gallons, we only carry some of them in the 4 oz. or gallon size.


Click to enlargeSpiced Honey - Pint
sp805Regular price: $15.00Sale price: $12.75
Click to enlargeBeanpot Brown - Pint
sp812Regular price: $15.00Sale price: $12.75
Click to enlargeTurquoise - Pint
sp814Regular price: $15.00Sale price: $12.75
Click to enlargeHolly Green - Pint
Not for grades K-6

sp818Regular price: $19.00Sale price: $16.15
Click to enlargeClear Crackle - Pint
sp138Regular price: $14.00Sale price: $11.90
Click to enlargeIvory Crackle - Pint
sp170Regular price: $14.00Sale price: $11.90
Click to enlargeBlue Crackle
SP140Regular price: $14.00Sale price: $11.90