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Rasps, wire brushes, mats, decorative rollers, combs and more!


Texture MatsTexture Mats
Create an infinite number of intricate, interesting designs on moist clay.

To use, place a slab of clay on top of the texture mat and pound or roll clay evenly, or impress a portion of the texture mat onto moist clay.

Click to enlargeAMACO Texture Roller Set 4 1/2"
Clay Roller Class Pack, includes one of each sleeve and FOUR handles

texturerollerset4Regular price: $37.80Sale price: $30.24
Texture SpheresTexture Spheres
Texture Spheres offer a new way to decorate clay slabs or wheel thrown items, with unlimited control and uniqueness of design; stamp or roll in winding patterns to create your unique look. Great for kids, students, and potters of all abilities. They will not stick to clay.

Click to enlargeSteve Tool
"One tool, many results!" Steve Graber's famous clay texturing tool, for wheel or handbuilt work. 10 plastic texture spokes, plastic handle, and instructions.

stevetoolRegular price: $25.00Sale price: $17.10
Deco Stamps and RollersDeco Stamps and Rollers
Great stamps from California Pot Tools!

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Klay Gun - K45

Used to extrude soft clay through 19 different dies.

K45Regular price: $18.49Sale price: $13.87
Click to enlargeTexture Roller Set 2 1/2"
Clay Roller Class Pack, includes one of each sleeve and FOUR handles

Texturerollerset2Regular price: $35.70Sale price: $28.56
Click to enlargeXSHRED
With an ergonomic handle, quick-release tempered steel blade and a compartment for shavings. Use on clay or plaster.

xshredRegular price: $8.85Sale price: $8.06
Click to enlargeMud Shredder
From Sherril Mud tools, a great surform tool for removing clay. Ergonomic handle with an approx. 2 1/2" x 1 1/2" blade. Comes in assorted colors; we pick.

Click to enlargeRetractable Scoring Tool
RSTRegular price: $5.95Sale price: $5.35
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Texturing Brush, Leatherhard Ware - 6" - WG2

Used to score or texture leather hard clay.

WG2Regular price: $4.59Sale price: $3.44
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Klay Gun - Replacement Dies - K45D

K45DRegular price: $4.29Sale price: $3.22
Lemon Reamer
Unique little texture tool, for handbuilt or thrown work.

Click to enlargeReplacement blades for Shredder
Pack of (2) replacement blades for the Mud Shredder.

Click to enlargeScoring Tool
scoringtoolRegular price: $4.00Sale price: $3.80
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Texturing Brush, Dry Greenware - 6" - DG1

The DG1 is used on dry greenware.

DG1Regular price: $5.05Sale price: $3.79
Click to enlargeDecorative Roller
MKM Hand & Finger RollersMKM Hand & Finger Rollers
MKM Hand & Finger Rollers mkmhandfingerrollers
MKM Stamps MKM Stamps
All Stamps have two designs, one at each end. Create patterns using a single stamp or by combining different ones. Made of fine gained hardwood. We bring in new stamps with every order; be sure to check in and see what's new..

Xiem Texture & Detailing RollersXiem Texture & Detailing Rollers
Xiem Texture & Detailing Rollers Texture-detailing-rollers

Chicken Feet

A unique texture tool for those with a sense for the macabre and more money than they have sense :)